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ABOUT COMPANY: Nippon I-Clean Solutions Pvt. Ltd. a division of NIC Pvt. Ltd. (Nippon Infrastructure Company Private Limited.), is an Indian company incorporated under Indian Companies Act, having technical tie-ups with NIC Global Co Ltd. of japan with an objective to create hygiene, healthy and safe environment using Japanese Hygiene Nano-Technology. The NIC Global Co Ltd., Japan, has unique skills in cleaning activities with clients across the globe while creating its own brand image. With its reputation for the quality of work across the world; for the first time entering into India to cater the Indian commercial cleaning industry with its world class proven technology, started its service activity directly to customers through Nippon I-Clean Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

I-Clean is one of the largest and fastest growing commercial cleaning service providers for all corporate establishment's i.e. Airports, Hospitals, Hotels, Institutions, Super Markets, Malls, Educational Institutions, IT parks, Heritage & High Rise Buildings, Multiplexes, R&D Centres, etc. Here at I-Clean we adapt the technology invented by the Japan promoters of our company while importing all our equipment /tools required to serve this purpose directly from Japan and also hiring the skilled people from Japan to undertake the training & cleaning activities.


“NIC Global Co. Ltd., aims to bring Japanese Technology and Professional Team to India to create Healthy, Safe, Hygienic and Eco-friendly environmental society by involving Corporates, NGO's and Government bodies and Individuals in our endeavours.“

Specific Services


Facade cleaning is an essential activity for working through the rope access.

Each facade requires an individual approach.

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Hygiene Services provide tailor made office cleaning programs for Corporate, Commercial; Hospitality, Health, Industrial & Warehouse sectors etc.

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Nano Technologies

Nanotechnology solutions for self-cleaning, dirt and water-repellent coatings. Producing films that can be applied to surfaces such as countertops or windows

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We specialise in all aspects of commercial & industrial cleaning. We provide a comprehensive exterior maintenance service including hard surface cleaning...

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Hi-Rise Cleaning

We offer facade cleaning and window cleaning services. Facade is showing to the destruction of environment and weather, such as dust, pollution, etc.,

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Building Mainteance

A professional building cleaning service deems no job too big or too small. They are happy to oblige the cleaning needs of companies of every premise and every size.

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Business Strategies

The "I-Clean" deals with cleaning of High rise buildings, façade cleaning, house keeping, Supply of chemicals and tools relating to cleaning. Supply of equipment for I clean related activities and for high rise structures. Presently in the market, the cleaning activity is not up to the International standards and its being done more on manual and it is not effective in case of high rise buildings. There is a acute need for cleaning activity of International standards in Hyderabad since many High rise buildings are happening and it is a continuous activity in Hyderabad.


Our company is having innovative technology from Japan and equipment specially suited for cleaning activities imported from Japan and also we are the authorised agent for Japan suppliers for supplying chemicals, consumables and equipment. There is a huge market for cleaning activity in the areas of High rise buildings, multiplexes, hotels, hospitals and airports where in the cleaning and maintenance activity, the traditional methods are still in operation which may not clean in toto and may not be hygienic and not upto the international standards. This has created a huge market for the people who have international technology and skills.

Services :

“No compromise, no corner-cutting, no scrub and scraper. We spend your money wisely, honestly and give you nothing but THE BEST…”


  • Offices & Professional Buildings Commercial Cleaning Services.
  • Corporate Offices Commercial Cleaning Services.
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Janitorial Services.
  • Medical and Healthcare Offices Commercial Cleaning Services.
  • Schools and Educational Cleaning Services.
  • Banks and Financial Institutions Commercial Cleaning Services.
  • Pressure washing Services and Parking Lots Cleaning.
  • Construction Clean up and Post Construction Cleaning.
  • Commercial Care janitorial Services.
  • Building Care Janitorial Services.
  • Hotel Commercial Cleaning.
  • Machinery, Equipment & Cleaning Chemicals Catering.
  • Providing Training.

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